We offer various seminars to small business owners on a regular basis.

We would like to invite you to our bi-monthly marketing class on Sept 8th, 2014 at 6PM to 8PM in our office. We have been educating small business owners in the various aspects of Google searches and Internet Marketing since 1999. Since marketing on the internet changes dynamically, every one of our classes is different tackling a different subject. Most of the classes are taught by our CEO Indu Jayakumar, who is an expert in marketing on the internet. She will be covering the following topics on Sept 8th which may help you in running your small business effectively.

1. Relying only on personal Referrals!
2. Not enough Media exposure via the Internet! Articles, Blogs, Interviews, Reviews etc.
3. Competing on low price
4. Not effectively reaching your target audience
5. Making decisions by committee
6. Not marketing to your target mailing list
7. Taking marketing shortcuts
8. Writing an intricate marketing plan that becomes impossible to carry out
9. Never completing - and therefore never implementing - your marketing plan
10. Delaying your marketing program until your cash flow improves
11. Promoting your services and NOT educating the target market

You will also learn how to read traffic data on your website, how to capture leads via your website and latest on Google’s content addiction.

Space is Limited. Register NOW.


Date: Monday, September 8, 2014
Time: 6PM to 8PM
Location: LocalBizNetwork LLC
4040 Moorpark Ave, Suite #103
San Jose, CA 95117
Cost: $35/person

Latest Techniques to Market on Internet

Digital Marketing is a field that is constantly evolving. With each new social platform, mobile device or website redesign, a brand’s strategy for reaching new audiences while engaging current ones changes. This Internet Marketing class is for Small Business owners who needs to be educated on marketing their business using the latest techniques. This class will be taught by Ms. Indu Jayakumar who has been in the Digital Marketing field for 15 years. Ms. Jayakumar knows the small business sector extremely well and she is an expert in explaining internet concepts in simple easy to understand terms. 100s of small business owners have taken her class previously and have benefitted greatly from it. This class is an educational presentation and the seminar will cover the following topics:

1. Website content - How and why did Google change the algorithm?

2.What are Keywords? How do I research these for my business?

3. How do I use Google Plus and not pay for webinar applications like GotoMeeting and Webex?

4. I know Twitter is very powerful. How do I use it on my phone effectively?

5. How much should I be spending on Google Adwords and Display Ads on the internet? Will my business appear on the first page of Google?

6. Do I need an app for my business? How can my customers have an icon on their phone for my business website?

7. I get so many calls from sales people telling me that they can get leads for me and that I will be on the first page of Google. Should I trust these people?

8. What are web statistics? How do I read these stats?

9. What should my budget be for marketing?

10. What is the latest and easy to use app that small business users can use?


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Internet

Social media is a great medium for marketing your business. Social media is exploding everywhere, including the workplace. Employees are using social media and mobile devices more and more for both work and personal. Small business owners need to be aware and be very careful when employees communicate via social media during work hours.

LocalBizNetwork, CMIT Solutions and Akdeniz Law Group have put together this workshop that every business owner or employer would not want to miss!

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  • "It was a great pleasure to meet you. I found your seminar truly fasinating! I look forward to learning much more."

    Andrea Miller

  • "Thank You for Inviting me to your monthly seminar last Monday. As always, I learn something new every time I attend your seminars about Internet Marketing. I can apply this knowlegde to the next position in my career and help other businesses make money and increase their presence on the web. I'd like to keep attending your seminars as often as I can and, in time,invite others to attend."

    Lou Messina, Advertising Professional

  • "The class was fantastic, for those of us currently engaging in social media marketing, the changes in the space were very important to learn. I am looking forward to the next installment of this critical info. My only comment regarding the specific class is the amount of information is getting large enough... I would hazard to say the class needs to be split into 2 sessions. Thank you again for supporting the small business people struggling to figure some of these very complex marketing issues out. Potentially saving us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

    Thank you, thank you. Be well!"

    Michael Ryan, Mortgage Broker, CalBRE

  • "I learn somthing new everytime I hear Indu from LocalBizNetwork do a 20 minute presentation for our BRN. I thought how much more would I learn from her two hour introductory course to online marketing? The answer is A LOT. The class is informative and easy to understand. I left with information that I could immediateyt put to use."

    Jill Becker
    Corporate Sales, Greater Bay/Meridian
    Publicity/Marketing, SVJFF

  • "Up to date, relevant information that is extremely useful for marketing of local/growing businesses"


  • "LocalBizNetwork hosts my website and does SEO for me. I have received many compliments about my website. Indu is always available to answer questions and explain things clearly and understandably"

    J.Loretz, JL Designs and Interiors, Los Altos

  • "Very informative. Very useful information on analytics, inbound/outbound link exchanges, info to work with Twitter, QR Code info and integration of web content, Info on keyword websites. Extremely useful."


  • "Very knowledgeable and very up to date. She is always up to date with the latest marketing techniques"


  • "Great info - So much to absorb. Wonderful and informative"


  • "This was a fantastic overview of the many aspects of internet marketing. Not too much information but enough to clarify areas I want to focus on. Saved me hundreds of hours of research on my own."

    Donna George, The Blue Book of Construction

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