• Small Business Round Table Discussion
    Focusing on Google Search

    Date: Monday, August 18, 2014
    Time: 6PM to 8PM
    Location: LocalBizNetwork LLC
    4040 Moorpark Ave, Suite #103
    San Jose, CA 95117

Event Synopsis

Surprise Surprise Small Business Owners - Google has changed its algorithms AGAIN to offer better results to people who are ‘searching’ for YOUR business! Have you ever wondered ‘How do people search on Google when they are looking for your business?’. Google says ‘Keywords’ are almost going away. Online behavior changes are happening as you are reading this. ‘Semantic Search’ is the latest word now. ‘Semantic Search’ means Google is looking for the meaning behind every search phrase without depending on keywords. In order to understand what a user is searching for, word sense disambiguation must occur. When a term is ambiguous, meaning it can have several meanings (for example, if one considers the lemma "bark", which can be understood as "the sound of a dog," "the skin of a tree," or "a three-masted sailing ship"), the disambiguation process is started, thanks to which the most probable meaning is chosen from all those possible.

Search was based on machines until now. Now, Google is moving towards delivering more accurate personalized results to YOU as a human. This changes everything from a marketing perspective. Google is going to be watching your social behavior, your rating as a businessman, the quality of services you offer etc. Google is the new Better Business Bureau. YES, it affects all the small business owners.

As a small business owner

would you like to see how your target market ‘searches’ for your business on Google?

LocalBizNetwork, LLC

will be inviting 3 typical users who is your typical target market. Indu Jayakumar, Digital Marketing Expert for Small Business Owners will be the moderator.

If you are a business owner

and you would like to know the typical behavior of your target market, so that you can tailor your marketing better - do attend this Round Table Discussion.

Space is limited to 10 business owners on a first come basis. Cost to attend is $35.
Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.

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"I learn somthing new everytime I hear Indu from LocalBizNetwork do a 20 minute presentation for our BRN. I thought how much more would I learn from her two hour introductory course to online marketing? The answer is A LOT. The class is informative and easy to understand. I left with information that I could immediateyt put to use."
Jill Becker, Corporate Sales, Greater Bay/Meridian, Publicity/Marketing, SVJFF

"The class was fantastic, for those of us currently engaging in social media marketing, the changes in the space were very important to learn. I am looking forward to the next installment of this critical info. My only comment regarding the specific class is the amount of information is getting large enough... I would hazard to say the class needs to be split into 2 sessions. Thank you again for supporting the small business people struggling to figure some of these very complex marketing issues out. Potentially saving us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Thank you, thank you. Be well!"
Michael Ryan, Mortgage Broker, CalBRE

"Thank You for Inviting me to your monthly seminar last Monday. As always, I learn something new every time I attend your seminars about Internet Marketing. I can apply this knowlegde to the next position in my career and help other businesses make money and increase their presence on the web. I'd like to keep attending your seminars as often as I can and, in time,invite others to attend."
Lou Messina, Advertising Professional

"This was a fantastic overview of the many aspects of internet marketing. Not too much information but enough to clarify areas I want to focus on. Saved me hundreds of hours of research on my own."
Donna George, The Blue Book of Construction





4040 Moorpark Ave, #103
San Jose, CA 95117