• "Very knowledgeable and very up to date. She is always up to date with the latest marketing techniques"


  • "The class was fantastic, for those of us currently engaging in social media marketing, the changes in the space were very important to learn. I am looking forward to the next installment of this critical info. My only comment regarding the specific class is the amount of information is getting large enough... I would hazard to say the class needs to be split into 2 sessions. Thank you again for supporting the small business people struggling to figure some of these very complex marketing issues out. Potentially saving us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

    Thank you, thank you. Be well!"

    Michael Ryan, Mortgage Broker, CalBRE

  • "Great info - So much to absorb. Wonderful and informative"


  • "This was a fantastic overview of the many aspects of internet marketing. Not too much information but enough to clarify areas I want to focus on. Saved me hundreds of hours of research on my own."

    Donna George, The Blue Book of Construction

  • "It was a great pleasure to meet you. I found your seminar truly fasinating! I look forward to learning much more."

    Andrea Miller

  • "I learn somthing new everytime I hear Indu from LocalBizNetwork do a 20 minute presentation for our BRN. I thought how much more would I learn from her two hour introductory course to online marketing? The answer is A LOT. The class is informative and easy to understand. I left with information that I could immediateyt put to use."

    Jill Becker
    Corporate Sales, Greater Bay/Meridian
    Publicity/Marketing, SVJFF

  • "Up to date, relevant information that is extremely useful for marketing of local/growing businesses"


  • "LocalBizNetwork hosts my website and does SEO for me. I have received many compliments about my website. Indu is always available to answer questions and explain things clearly and understandably"

    J.Loretz, JL Designs and Interiors, Los Altos

  • "Very informative. Very useful information on analytics, inbound/outbound link exchanges, info to work with Twitter, QR Code info and integration of web content, Info on keyword websites. Extremely useful."


  • "I attended one of LBN's FREE educational forums on the new wave of marketing tools. Indu's presentation and open forum was very informative and interactive. Her years of experience were very evident and relevant. Indu was very well versed on all different methods of marketing including the latest social media tools. I am looking forward to engaging in a business relationship with LBN as we re-tool the marketing program of my professional golf instruction business, IOGA."

    Ken Helwig